Air Powered Home Lifts in UAE

A Self-Supporting Home Lifts in UAE made of bulletproof glass, aircraft-grade aluminium, and galvanised steel.
It has a stylish appearance, European safety standards, and has no impact on your home’s infrastructure.
Our Home Lifts use less energy than a home appliance, require 90% less maintenance than competitors, and require only a small amount of space to install.

Affordable Luxury

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    Home Lifts in UAE

    What's the latest news from Elevators?

    Best Home Lifts 2022 Model

    The World’s Best Pneumatic Vacuum Lift has Started arriving!

    The New Series II is the consequence of arduous and meticulous research and development.

    This Home Elevator seems to be the outcome of superior technology, layout, as well as, most notably, a lift that offers an excellent and elegant experience.

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    Our House elevator can support two persons and extend up to four levels, including the ground; our configuration options are integrated (Power on Top) or split (Remote Power).
    You can choose the direction of the door opening, and also you can have a dual exit per floor as an alternative.
    Our standard colors are Pure White and Cream; however, you can also pick from our custom color palette, which involves silver-grey, pebble grey, terracotta, jet black, and gold.
    Australian Technology, European components, and world-class industrial efficiency across our Southeast Asia factories are the mix that allows us to offer the best of all worlds yet at an affordable level.

    Best of all worlds

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      Let us begin our Journey with Nibav Home Lifts

      With a huge leap in Technological and Aesthetic upgrades, the new Series II of Nibav Lifts 2022 model is miles ahead of its predecessor and generic home lifts.

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      Download the Home Lifts Catalogue

      Everything you need to know about finding the perfect Home Lift for your dream home is much easier and less expensive than many people believe.
      To Learn More about Lift and Elevators Design, Download your free Brochure here.

      Excellent Home Lifts Innovation

      We Produce the Best Home Elevators in the World.

      • Configuration only needs a 1010 mm Diameter.
      • No weight-bearing wall is required to support our lifts.
      • Up to four levels are available.
      • Warranty for one year

      Rise above

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